Glorifying Autism

The hardest part about convincing myself I'm allowed to write this story has been weighing what I want to say against the overwhelmingly negative representation of autism in the media.


Disability Day of Mourning, 2017

Content Warning: Murder of People with Disabilities To mark Disability Day of Mourning, I published a blog on my Blog Spot account last March 1st. I thought I'd continue this tradition on my Word Press account. It would be nice to say things have drastically improved in the year since the last Day of Mourning. … Continue reading Disability Day of Mourning, 2017

Why I’m Still Boycotting Autism Speaks

Planned Parenthood is targeted for defunding, as well as attacks by extremists, because 5% of their budget is spent on something a segment of the population morally disagree with. This same segment throw financial and personal support at Autism Speaks, including President Trump and Vice President Pence, when the result of finding a way to diagnose autism in the womb will lead to the same exact place. Children with autism will be aborted. The hypocrisy is aggravating. The fact these men appear to despise autistic people more than they openly hate abortion is terrifying.

Punching Nazis Is Better Than Promoting Their Treatments For Autism

It's so bizarre that I'm not convinced a treatment that began in Nazi Germany with the torture of mentally ill and autistic people before their eventual murders is a good direction to take. Excuse me for thinking this treatment is torture when it was the foundation of Applied Behavior Analysis and Conversion Therapy used on LGBT people to try forcing them into being straight.

Looking Away From The Murder of Disabled People

The sad fact is that violence against disabled people is normalized in our society. It's a revolutionary act for a person with a disability to boldly proclaim they don't want to be put out of their misery. It is an act of defiance against social norms for a family member to say they don't feel burdened by someone they love, and would fight tooth and nail for that person to remain in their lives. It is considered insensitive to tell someone who loved the movie Me Before You that you think it sends a dangerous message.